Jennifer Aniston opens up about health issues

17:12   18 April, 2022

American actress Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she has struggled with sleep problems for many years. The actress spoke about this in an interview with People.

“It started out as something that I could just accept, but then suddenly you realize the consequences of your lack of sleep and how it affects your day, your work, your brain function and your physique ... It became something that I really struggled,” she admitted. Aniston said that she did not immediately realize the scale of the sleep problem, which subsequently greatly affected her performance and physical condition.

"I got an app on my phone that allows you to sort of track your sleep rhythms, like how deep you go. I don't really quite ever get into the deep, deep, deep sleep. And am I going to die young?!" she said, per E! News.

Aniston noted her insomnia was negatively affecting her work, diet, and ability to exercise properly, so she eventually sought help from a medical professional.