Will Smith calls ayahuasca a 'hellish experience'

18:26   24 May, 2022

Actor Will Smith, in an interview with David Letterman, spoke about how, at the peak of his career, he took a break from work for two years and went to Peru. There, the actor tried ayahuasca.

He noted that he made 14 journeys, one of which he called an infernal experience.

Will added: ‘Once you drink it you’re going to see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself,’ and he ‘literally cried’ when he had to go back for the second day of the journey.

And I’m going [panting] “Oh s**t”, and I hear Willow screaming “Daddy, help me! Daddy! How come you won’t help me?” And I’m like “I don’t see you baby”. The shaman is like “relax, relax, relax” and she tells me to sit up.

Ayahuasca is used in religious sacraments and has traditionally been used as a power drink to promote cleansing and healing.