Authentic Armenian morning: Alexis Ohanian shares new photo

11:59   10 July, 2020

American businessman, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian took to his Instagram to share a new photo that captured Armenian rug and coffee!

He has once shared an Armenian carpet to show how one can optimize his workspace.

"Great craftsmanship is timeless. I've optimized my workspace to be surrounded by reminders of the dedication it takes to build a legacy. This is an Armenian carpet. Handmade with pride and tradition," he captioned the photo.

Ohanian is actually a big fan of Armenian carpets. He has already even bought one for his daughter.

“Armenian. (The rug, which I got for @olympiaohanian on my last trip, is inspired (I'm told) by designs from the same region in Western Armenia my grandmother's family was from). She's not here to pass it down and the genocide didn't leave her family with much anyway, so this is a new-old family heirloom,” he captioned the photo.