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Flowers for home and beyond: Moss rose (purslane) - ideal for Armenia’s climate

19:46, May 30

Moss rose plants (Portulaca grandiflora) are popular flowering annual succulents that are ideal for the hot, dry climate of Armenia. These flowers are easy to care for, love the sun, and do not require abundant watering. In addition, they are very affordable—a purslane seedling costs only 300 drams. These flowers spread across the ground, forming a dense mat of colorful flowers that often have ruffled petals, making them look like miniature roses.

портулак1.jpg (107 KB)

Moss rose plants are a popular choice for growing in gardens, along the front edge of bed borders, along paved paths, on stone walls, and in rock gardens. Additionally, hanging moss rose looks good in hanging baskets.

These plants will thrive in poor, dry soils where many other plants may struggle. Moreover, soil that is too wet can actually kill them. Moss roses typically bloom from summer until the first frost in autumn—and without the need for pruning. Being annuals, these plants die at the end of the growing season, but they produce seeds that can potentially germinate and sprout the following year. Note, however, that these flowers are toxic to cats and dogs.

What you need to know to grow moss roses:


Moss rose plants require full sun, at least six to eight hours a day, to bloom best. If you try to grow them in a shady spot, they will not be able to produce flowers, and the latter that do exist will most likely not open.


These plants grow well in sandy and rocky soil. If your garden bed has clay soil, grow moss roses in containers rather than trying to improve the drainage of clay soil. Soil that holds too much water can easily cause the plant to die.


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Moss rose plants have low moisture requirements, although they are not as drought tolerant as cacti. They tolerate periods of drought, but flowering is usually better with some—well-drained—soil moisture. As a general rule, one deep watering per week during hot summer weather should be sufficient.

Temperature and humidity

These flowers tolerate cool and wet spring weather well. However, their growth and flowering will not occur until the heat of summer arrives.


портулак3.jpg (108 KB)

Moss roses can tolerate poor soil, so they generally do not need fertilizer. But feeding the plant with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer at planting time can promote healthy growth and abundant flowering. Also, you can fertilize this plant twice during the growing season—and using a high-phosphorus mixture for more abundant blooms.

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