Anne Hathaway exposed naked - PHOTO

December 14, 20:54

As it turns out, popular actress Anne Hathaway does not wear underwear. Photographers from New York premiere of “Les Miserables” were able to make scandalous photos of Anne. This happened on the red carpet at the Museum of Moving Images Salute. Anne was dressed in a long black dress with a deep tear. When the 30-year-old actress was coming out of the car, the dress slightly moved down one side, and the surprised photographers beheld Anne without underwear!

As the Daily News informs, pictures almost immediately appeared on the Internet, prompting Hathaway to feel humiliated.

“I was getting out of the car, and my dress was so tight that I did not realize anything until I saw all the flashes. It was horrible. It means that I, so to speak, lifted my skirt in front of them. Obviously, it was an accident, and I am sad because we live in an age when someone can take a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment and instead of removing it, goes and sells it,” she said later. STYLE

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