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I made pieces for costumes of Cher and Pink - designer Marianna Harutunian

21:31, January 26

American designer with Armenian roots, Marianna Harutunian is creating jewelry for celebrities, for example Cher, Lady Gaga and Pink. Her creations can be found in her Marianna’s Designer Jewelry store. She is also working with Disneyland, True Blood and Dancing With The Stars project. Marianna told about her works and her plans talking to STYLE.

What do you think is the gift of creating something given from above or it can be developed?

I think we all are gifted one way or another. Since I have been doing this from a very young age it became my life and passion and developed into what I have now.

How did you start? Did create hand-made things in your childhood?

I loved to create things from nothing. I loved beading at a young age. I started undoing my mothers’ slippers which had beads on them and started creating the simplest pieces. I would usually give them away. I always had this in me I guess. It is an amazing feeling doing what you love to do.

How did you get an idea of founding your own store?

 My father saw my passion and sold his truck and invested his money to help my dreams become a reality. My family is amazing. No matter how bad it gets they are always there for me and I love them very much for that.

Who was the first among celebrities to draw attention to your jewelry?

The first celebrity was singer Pink. I had the opportunity to make a body piece for one of her music videos called “U+Ur Hand” I was also invited for the taping which was exciting.

Is there something special that you would like to create, but still do not manage to?

I have millions of ideas running through my head of what to create next. I just want to keep it different then anyone else. I want to make more body type pieces. In the future I would like to venture out and create maybe a shoe line, handbags, and clothes. I would definitely incorporate crystals in them some way.

Is there any famous person for whom you'd like to create the best jewelry?

oh wow there are so many ,but one that stands out would be our  first Lady Mrs. Obama. Hopefully one day I will have that opportunity.

Who was among celebrities of Armenian descent to wear your jewelry?

All of the bling that you see on Cher’s costumes are pieces I made and her costume designer Bob Mackie incorporates them to his incredible creations.

I have also had the pleasure of working with Maria Cozette. She has an amazing voice and is the sweetest person. She also has a show that she hosts on Horizon Armenian TV called Music Box.

I would love to work with more Armenian celebrities and artists. They just need to find me.

Have you ever thought of creating something using Armenian ornaments?

I'm not sure what you mean, but I use everything and anything that inspires me.

What Armenian designers do you know? Do you want to work with any of them?

To be honest I don't keep up with any designers because I am so busy creating my projects I have no idea who is doing what. But I would love to collaborate with an Armenian designer one day. I love to meet creative people. It keeps me inspired.

Who were you ancestors? Where did they come from? I know that you have not been to Armenia for 2 years. When do you plan to come?

I actually came here with my parents when I was two years old. I would love to come visit my homeland as soon as an opportunity comes up.


By Marina Adulyan

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