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10:05, June 19

YEREVAN. – Well-known Bollywood stylist Marianna Mukuchyan is in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan these days. She is here to attend the launch of a new project by her famous sister, Iveta Mukuchyan, who represented Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, and to spend her summer vacation. STYLE caught up with Marianna, and below is an abridged version of our interview with her.

Welcome to Armenia. When was the last time you were in the homeland? And how do you feel about being here?

Last time I was [here was] four years ago. I’ve missed Armenia so much, and I’m very glad I came.  What is your favorite place in Yerevan?

My heart is tied to Republic Square because we grew up next to the square.

You were helping Iveta at Eurovision by doing her makeup and hairstyle.

Eurovision was very important to Iveta. It was important to me, too, that I be at her side at that time, assist, [and] that we go through it together.

Please speak about the peculiarities of collaborating also with famous stars.

I’ve been in India for four years now. My relations there are very good, very strong. They appreciate my work there a lot. Perhaps that’s why it’s easy for me to work with them. I’m a perfectionist. I like it when everything is wonderful in my work.

Why India? And Why Bollywood?

My going to India wasn’t planned. I had just moved to Dubai, and I liked it there very much. I got acquainted with a photographer there, who liked my work very much. He was always telling me: “Definitely go to India. They’ll appreciate your work there.” And I said, “Ok, I’ll go.”

As a hairstyle and makeup artist, what mistakes do you notice in Armenian girls [in Armenia] in this regard?

I’ve noticed that they do lot more makeup here; they style their hair also too much. I like it—and not only me, but also in Europe—when the hair has a room to play, and not be artificial. I would like it to be more natural. The same applies to makeup, too. I’ve noticed that there is a standard “face.” Everyone wants to be in this “look.” They change their natural beauty to look like someone. It’s a pity because there is beauty in every one of them; it’s better that this be emphasized.

By Shushan Shatikyan
Video by Davit Khudaverdyan
Photos by Narek Ter-Poghosyan

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