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Exclusive: “I think this film will touch both Armenians and Turks”. Iskuhi Baldzhian on her participation in the movie Yarim Kalan

13:05, September 8

Today, on september 8 the poremiere of  Turkish movie Yarim Kalan (Incomplete) will take place in Turkey. This movie represents the love story of an Armenian girl and Turkish boy.

The main heroine is embodied by Armenian actress Iskuhi Baldzhian, who had an interesting talk with STYLE revealing some details about this movie and her expectations.

Iskuhi is 21 years-old. She was born in Armenia, but when she was a little girl her family moved to Russia. Now Iskuhi is a student, she graduated from the St. Petersburg school of arts.

She got the invitation to take part in this movie by the casting director of the project, then her participation was confirmed by the director and producer.

“This movie is about love, it shows how the past can sadly effect on the present of the people of these two nations. First of all I was really impressed by the script of the movie”,-says Iskuhi, who is the only Armenian in the project. All the rest of the actors are Turks.

The actress also spoke about the reactions on this project in Turkey.

“At first, both the Armenians and Turks were avoiding any comments. I think it’s normal, because it’s really a very painful subject. But after the first discussions of the movie the interest towards the project really increased. The press started to write articles about it and I hope that after today’s premiere the interest towards the film will even increase more. For me the critic of the audience is very important. As an actress I would like the film to be demonstrated both in Armenia and Russia. But it all depends on the producers and TV channels”.

As for the film premiere, Iskuhi expects positive outback.

 “I think this movie will touch both Armenians and Turks. And if the same scene will be able to excite the people of these two nations, it means we can still hope for the better future”,-says Iskuhi, who has been in Armenia 4 years ago, but the girl hopes to come back in summer 2018.

Syune Arakelyan

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