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Armenian-Belgian singer: I want to set good example for future generations

22:14, May 13

By Marina Adulyan

Belgian-Armenian R&B singer Keyoh (Karine Ohanian) is becoming more popular. NEWS.am STYLE reached Karine to learn more about her plans, since her new single K.O. LOVE will premier on iTunes on May 21.

Karine, tell about your new single.

I look forward to its release because I do not know how t he audience will accept my debut. Why? Because this single will make them form a coherent picture of me. I wrote the lyrics and music based on my personal experience. That is, I went through all of this. Of course, my producer Guy Waku also played a role. He turned the song into an ideal one.

What about the video? Who was the director?

The video is entirely a figment of my imagination. I would like, of course, to share the details, but it will be something like when you want to watch a movie and you are told the plot from the beginning to the end.

Let me just note that the plot is somewhat feministic and ironic. Since K.O. means a Knock Out (KO), the main character is a boxer. The video was filmed by famous Belgian director Alain Jongen.

What about style of your previous songs, only R’n’B?

My songs’ target are young people who like POP/R&B/ Dance. Perhaps, it may be called a fusion of these styles.

In one of the interviews with NEWS.am you said that you plan to write a song containing a phrase or sentence in Armenian. Did you manage to bring the idea to life?

Not yet, although I have been thinking up the idea for a long time. I am sure it will become a reality. But I’ll tell you a secret, in my new song it is already possible to find the germ of an idea, you can just feel it.

Do you plan to give a concert in Yerevan?

Not yet, as all my contracts have been signed with countries in central Europe. However, the negotiations with Armenia are underway.

As far as I know, you planned to create your own clothing line. How are things going with that?

Since the beginning of this year, My Dressing by Ohanian has been already available. The designer and creator is my sister Anna Ohanian. I am just the face of the company and I am doing the marketing.

You speak several languages. Which is closer to you?

If it is a language that is spiritually close to me, it is Armenian. But, unfortunately, I speak Flemish and English better.

When you reach the top, what country would you like to live in?

I have not thought about it yet.

The most vivid dream…

Sing on the world’s most famous stages and set a good example for future generations.

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