Meghan Markle 'killed' in new biographical film (PHOTOS)

10:14, September 4

The tumultuous recent events in the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be screened in a new film called “Harry and Meghan: Escape from the Palace.” However, the picture has already been criticized because of a provocative scene, Eurnews reported.

New footage from the upcoming film has caused outrage on the Net. The film will open with a dream scene in which the Duchess of Sussex gets into a car accident.

Actress Sydney Morton, who portrays Meghan lying in an overturned car surrounded by paparazzi before Prince Harry, played by Jordan Dean, rushes to the car door to open it. In the next scene, the star wakes up in bed with Prince Harry and his son Archie.

After the footage was published, many on the Web expressed their outrage and criticized the film for the fact that the creators used Princess Diana’s tragedy to create a dramatic scene in the film.

Users wrote, “Is this a stupid joke? Meghan Markle ‘dies’ after a car accident early in the new movie”, “It’s in bad taste. I don’t believe they can do this!”, “Tasteless and disgusting.”

The film is set to premiere on September 6. This isn’t the first time Harry and Meghan’s life has been reimagined for a movie. Previously, “Harry and Meghan: A Royal Love Story” (2018) and “Harry and Meghan: Becoming a Royal Couple” (2019) were released.

The photos are from the film

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