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12:02, February 20

The last collaboration Karl Lagerfeld approved before his death in 2019 was collaboration with collectible toy brand Bearded Bearbrick, WWD reported.

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The bear figurine is made in the designer's likeness wearing a leather suit, tie and beard.

The toy is on sale since Saturday. It was released on the three-year anniversary of Lagerfeld's death. The release was spearheaded by model and former bodyguard Sebastien Jondeau.

255546589_585476652677240_4040945266342858109_n.jpg (214 KB)

The figurine, called The Kaiser, is a limited edition of 1,999 pieces. The first 500 pieces will cost €4,490, with the rest of the range yet to be priced. Karl Lagerfeld's shop on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris will be the only physical location where toys can be purchased. Its shop windows have already been decorated in the style of the collaboration.

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