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System Of A Down publishes statement asking to help inform world about monstrous actions of Azerbaijan

23:39, September 14

The American rock band System of A Down published a statement on their microblogging Twitter asking them to share it. According to that statement at midnight on September 12, 2022, Azerbaijani troops led by corrupt oil oligarch leader Aliyev launched an offensive along Armenia's entire eastern border, bombing civilian infrastructure and residences. They seek to terrorize Armenians and seek new concessions, seeking a change of power in one of the region's unique democracies. All this two years after they launched an offensive on Nagorno-Karabakh, trying to clear the territory of Armenians. The basis of their courage was the EU's dependence on Azerbaijani fuel and the weakening of Russia's dominance in the region. As a group, we have always done our best to entertain and spread the word. We have family members and friends who are now threatened in Armenia, and we worry about the security of our country and people. Unlike the Ukrainian war, the enemy is not Russia, and the Western press is slow, even wrong, because it considers both sides equal and presents the attack as a border conflict, whereas it is a bloody attack on sovereign Armenian territory. Please help bring the heinous actions of Azerbaijan, patronized by Turkey, which has committed genocide against our people, to the attention of the world.

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