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Alexis Ohanian on trauma of Armenian Genocide

11:40, February 22

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian wrote on Instagram in a comment on his Forbes interview that his father's family fled Turkey from the Armenian Genocide, and his mother was an undocumented immigrant.

The first time he left Reddit in 2010 he was 27, Alexis volunteered at in Armenia for four months. He needed to find meaning, and it was one of the best career decisions he made.

Ohanian's ancestors died during the Armenian Genocide and their property was confiscated. This generational trauma is the main reason he's betting big on NFT and future social media, despite the cold winter storm of crypto.

One of Alexis' earliest memories is of his great-aunt, Vera, who on his sixth birthday told him in detail about how his great-aunt and uncle were killed while marching through the Syrian desert during the Armenian Genocide, how as a child his great-aunt, Avetis, saw Turkish soldiers behead his parents, and was stopped by another soldier when he wanted to take on himself; how this little boy was sent to an orphanage in Istanbul before he could find his way, the foreword to Ohanian's interview notes.

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