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Roman Mitichyan speaks on being in The Old Man with Jeff Bridges, his collaboration with The Weeknd (PHOTOS)

12:35, May 3

By Syune Arakelyan  

Armenian American actor Roman Mitichyan has recently had two interesting collaborations; one of them with renowned American actor Jeff Bridges, and the second one—with popular Canadian singer The Weeknd. These are totally different projects, the details of which Mitichyan trusted with STYLE.   

342636318_608048187919954_7312626507612425325_n.jpg (2.01 MB)

Roman Mitichyan and Jeff Bridges have worked on the American TV series The Old Man, which features also John Lightgow. It has been aired on FX since 2022. Bridges is the main star of this project. And the Armenian actor plays another villain, as he reveals with a smile.  

"I can’t describe with words how great human Jeff Bridges is,” Mitichyan said. “I loved every moment working with him; such a professional and humble person... He made my whole year. He gave me energy and advice, we talked about lots of topics. Pretty much I have a lot to say about Jeff Bridges, but it will take me hours to talk about him—a true legend."

343181449_185747571017350_7834123418909507510_n.jpg (45 KB) 

As for Mitichyan’s collaboration with The Weeknd, it happened recently. "It’s a film, but  unfortunately I can’t disclose details about the project until it’s released," says the actor, adding he is now working on his new projects as well.   

At that moment, Roman is in Vanadzor, Armenia, which is his birthplace. "I visit here often, 2-3 times a year. I do spend lots of my own time in my city, Vanadzor," he says.  

See also some exclusive photos from The Old Man's backstage provided by Roman Mitichyan.

342388099_922269455559297_6719092354513047188_n.jpg (1.51 MB)

339392067_950224609736358_3032494381714418732_n.jpg (1.75 MB)

343116881_616901600313025_8996125830988560357_n.jpg (2.02 MB)

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