Kanye West takes up arms against Kim Kardashian, demands that their children be taken out from ‘fake school’

10:18, March 1

Kanye West has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with ex Kim Kardashian raising their children. He went on Instagram and made a lengthy post in which he demanded that their kids be removed from the exclusive private primary school they currently attend.

“Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon this is a fake school for celebrities being used by the ‘system,’” he wrote in all caps. In his accompanying commentary, Kanye, who has founded his own unaccredited Christian school, Donda Academy, in 2022, explained what the aforesaid "system" is.

“By now everyone knows that ‘system’ is a code word for [wide-eyed emoji]. The system took me from my father, and the system took me from my children,” he said, although the judge had awarded Kim and Kanye joint custody with “equal access.” “The system avoids working with those who have a father in their lives because they are harder to manipulate,” he continued. “My two oldest know they have a dad.”

Kanye and Kim have four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. But he is seen more often with North and Saint, and much less often with Chicago and Psalm. West previously clashed with Kardashian over the school their children attended, and he insisted they go to his Donda Academy.

They had previously worked out a compromise in which the kids would attend Sierra Canyon during the school day, and then West School for choir practice. In 2022, Kim began paying Sierra Canyon to hire additional security in response to her ex-husband's controversial and offensive comments. Kardashian made it clear however, that she was not worried about West harming the children, but she feared for their safety after he publicly named the school their kids attend. 

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