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European singer Athena Manoukian plans to visit Armenia. Exclusive STYLE

12:02, July 31

Although Athena Manoukian, a famous singer based in Europe, has never been to Armenia, but she is well aware of the hospitality and warmness of the Armenian people. Athena spoke about plans to visit our country and release of her new songs in an interview with STYLE.

Hello, Athena. Please, tell me about your current creative life. What are you busy with –
new songs, clips ...? 

Hello! I am currently busy working on my new single which is to be released soon. Can’t 

Let’s talk about your Armenian roots. How have they prevent or help in career making 

I’ve never felt that it has prevented me or helped me, however I am indeed very proud of 
my roots and nothing can ever change that! I believe I have a very special last name and 
I absolutely love it, don’t you? ;)

In one of your interviews you have mentioned that you have never been in Armenia: 
However, what do you know about Armenia and do you want to come to our country in 
the near future? 

Of course I’d love to! And by the way, thank you for your invitation! Ha ha! We all know 
that Armenia is such a beautiful country with such positive and warm people. They are 
also known for their hospitality, so...expect for me soon!

How and why have you decided to sing? What were your first steps in music?
For me it’s not a matter of how and why. I mean that is a God’s gift. All you need to 
do is to prepare your parents and help them deal with a ‘’craaazy’’ kid who is full of 
ambitions. My first steps in music were when I participated in a TV music competition 
for which I won the first prize and a year later, I took part in the Eurovision song contest 
(That was a great experience).

I am sure, that you had different achievements in your career. What about your 
disappointments? With what difficulties can the young artists face in show-business? 

To have difficulties and disappointments in life is a part of your life and your profession. 
But personally speaking, I would say that some things just don’t go as you had planned. 
The way I see it’s just a test to see if what you’re really striving for is 100% what you 
want. It’s hard sometimes...I know! But whatever, you can do it ;)

What can disappoint you – as a singer and as a person?

Ohh I hate it when someone is late for an appointment. Another thing I hate is 
when things don’t happen according to plan, or as I want...Ha Ha! Don’t forget, 
PERFECTIONIST is my middle name!

Can you say that you have already achieved all the goals that you wanted to overcome? 
Do you have unfulfilled dreams or projects? 

I’m still young I think! For now, I’m just living my dream and i don’t think about the very 
distant future right now. I’m just enjoying the ride ;)

What do you dream of? 
Just to be happy! I think you realize what I’m actually dreaming of...

Can you tell me about your hobbies? With what is Athena busy besides singing?
I just looove dancing!!! Yes! That’s my secret hobby, when I’m not singing! (I don’t really 
think it’s much of a secret right?)

Is there something that you would like to say to your fans - especially Armenian fans?

Just don’t give up guys! Whatever happens, stay strong and just believe in you! Love you 
and see you SOON!!! XO XO

Keep in touch with Athena Manoukian at:

By Shushan Shatikyan and Diana Hovhannisyan

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