‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Ian Somerhalder’s ‘twin’ Zaur Bichenov talks about himself

11:32, January 19

Armenian fans of the famous TV series “The Vampire Diaries” have recently published a photo on Facebook portraying a guy, who looks too similar to their favorite vampire, Damon. His name is Zaur Bichenov, and STYLE managed to contact with him.

See  our interview with the Ian Somerhalder look alike, below.

- Zaur, would you, please, reveal some details about yourself?

- Well, I was born in Vladikavkaz, graduated from the faculty of customs. However, I couldn’t manage to work by this profession, that’s why I’m planning to start my own business.


- You, obviously, look like the star of “The Vampire Diaries”, Ian Somerhalder. How do you refer to this fact?

- Now, I’m more quiet about all that comparison, but there were times, when I was feeling nervous because of that.

- Do you follow that TV show?

- When people started compare me with Ian, I decided to watch the first season of the show, but lately I understood that it doesn’t interest me at all.

- Do you remember, when was the first time, when people started compare you with him?

- If I’m not mistaken, it was in 2010… Actually, that was the period, when he became famous.

- Has that alikeness with Ian Soerhalder ever helped you?

- No, I don’t remember such a case…

- What about getting part in a movie? Haven’t you received any suggestion?

- Of course, I think about getting part in a movie, but I haven’t managed to get such a chance, yet.

- The fans of TVD already know you as the look alike of their favorite actor. It’s interesting to know, whether Ian himself knows about you?

 - I remember once someone had posted my photo to his Facebook timeline, but we haven’t met in person. To tell the truth, I even don’t dream about that meeting :)

- In the show Damon has found his true love-Elena. What about you?


- As for me, I’m a typical single man… I haven’t found my true love, yet…

- Zaur, what would you like to wish the Armenian fans of Ian Somerhalder, many of whom, probably, have become your fans, too?

-To tell the truth, I have doubts about that fact:) However, if there are such fans, I wish them all the best and advise to watch more valuable TV shows, like “Breaking Bad”, “Dexter” or “True Detective”.

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