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18:56, December 25

Plastic surgery has long been a part in the lives of many people. Most of all, it is used by the celebrities of stage and screen. Persistent talks that someone from Hollywood has a new nose or lips surgery are so commonplace that few people pay attention to such news. The reporter of STYLE searched for answers to what the Armenian celebrities think about plastic surgery and who will be willing to have one in the future.


“I have a neutral opinion on plastic surgeries. If there is a need for it - do it, if not - do not. I do not exclude the possibility that one day I can seek the assistance of the surgeons. After all, if you can use them to become beautiful, correct something in yourself that you do not like, why not?"


“I am terrified of plastic surgeries. Of course, one should never say ‘never’, but I can hardly believe that one would go for that. I think that it is better to do injections of Botox after 40, than to go under the surgeon’s knife.”

Zaruhi Babayan

“I think of plastic surgeries somewhat negatively. But if there is something in a person’s appearance that strongly interferes with the life, I consider such a step justified. Personally I have never even thought about turning to plastic surgeons. I have never done that.”

Aida Sargsyan

“I think plastic surgery is normal. If such a step changes a person for the better - go right ahead! I was never against such operations, if they are not detrimental to health. And if necessary, I will consider a plastic surgery. I am a public person and a woman, after all.”

Emma Petrosyan

“If you can avoid plastic surgery, avoid it. If nature has decided that a person must live in a certain guise, do not change it. Well, except the cases if such an operation is necessary for purely medical purposes or ... if you are really ugly.”

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