World popular Armenian guitarist Vahagni about his unique style and collaboration with Christopher Young. STYLE Exclusive

13:06, October 3

Having mixed Flamenco, jazz and different styles of music, world popular Armenian guitarist Vahagni has created his own style. He was noticed even by the «Pasadena Weekly» and also by famous composer Christopher Young, together with whom he has composed a soundtrack for the movie «The Killing Season» staring Robert De Niro and John Travolta. STYLE continues representing you interviews with world known Armenians. Here is our talk with Vahagni.

-Vahagni, please, speak about yourself. When and why did you decide to move to Spain?

-I started playing guitar at a very young age. After some time in Los Angeles, I felt that I had learned as much as I could and needed to move to Spain to continue learning but from the source.


-It was your father, who taught you to play guitar. What do you think, did your passion towards playing guitar come from him?

-Yes, definitely. I was always surrounded by that music because of my father. It was always in my life from when I was born. He was and still is one of the best teachers I know.

-You’ve been playing guitar since 9, and when have you composed your first music composition as a composer?

-I started composing very young actually. It started with Flamenco. In Flamenco music, guitar students learn what we call ‘falsetas”, which are extended fragments, or similar to solo’s. After I would learn something and get it down, I immediately would modify it or make a different arrangement, it was something I unconsciously had the need to do. I wanted to make it more personal. That’s how it started.


Pasadena Weekly» wrote, that you have your own style. Could you describe your style? What according to you is your specific style?

-I don’t think that you can say "specific" and explain it all. It’s the same thing that makes every one of us specific and different. With music it’s the same, the more you stay true to yourself the more specific your style becomes. It’s like what Miles Davis once said “For me, music and life are all about style.”

-You have been noticed by the composer Christopher Young. How it was? Share that experience with us, please.

-I did a 12 hour long session with him for a movie soundtrack. It was for «The Killing Season» with Robert De Niro and John Travolta. It was a big production, a lot of people working very hard without sleep and high tension. It was a great experience, and very exhausting.


-And what about your collaboration with Tigran Hamasyan?

-Tigran is one of my great friends. I always like collaborating with him especially for things that are not common. He has a very professional work ethic in the studio and always gets the job done. Also, it’s always great to work with people you are very close with, it creates a different atmosphere, which is very unique.

-The composition «Pomegranates» is accompanied by Armenian duduk. How this mixture of guitar and duduk is accepted by European audience?

-This is the second time I used the duduk in my recordings. I love the way it sounds with the guitar. I think it’s a perfect marriage. I think all audience react very well to that instrument, because it has a capturing sound.


-If I’m not mistaken, you’re going to have a tour for a week. Can you speak about that tour?

-I am leaving to play a tour in Tokyo. It will be for a week but very tough. I have 2 shows a day with press conferences, radio, and interviews. I will be playing mainly solo and for one of the shows there will be a coupe of guests from Japan.

-Can Armenian audience have chance to see you here with concerts?

-I hope so. I would love to play my music in Armenia very soon. Some talks with promoters have begun and I’m sure it is in the near future.


Syune Arakelyan

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