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«It is a true universal language...»: interview of Italian-French choreographer Clotilde Tiradritti with STYLE

20:20, May 15

Name of the Italian-French choreographer Clotilde Tiradritti is widely known in the artistic world in Europe and beyond. Tiradritti got choreographic education in Paris, but the passion for classical and modern dance aroused in Italy. In 2001, Clotilde founded her dance studio called Heliotropion. Tiradritti is constantly in search of new places to develop various forms of art, whether it is singing, circus, dance or theater. Clotilde has recently paid a visit to Armenia. In an interview with STYLE the renowned choreographer told about her work and impressions of Armenia.

What was the purpose of your visit?

This visit had two main objectives. On one side, discover the country, meet people, being confronted to its culture. And on the other side, there was a proposal from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, with the section of Mister Armen Meliksetyan, to give a master classes and to help them in choreographing some part of a show.

Your husband has Armenian roots. Do you have any other relations to Armenia?

I am a choreographer and artistic director of the Héliotropion Company, and Patrick Matoian, my husband is also my artistic collaborator as musician and composer. Besides this, he is also martial arts teacher, 6 dan of aikido.

He has Armenian roots from his father and to come in Armenia was for me very important: it was just like going to discover a great part of his origins ... I had also a fascination for this country, its culture, its beautiful songs that from time to time arrive in Western Europe.

With my husband we are found of working together and as a result of contacts made during his previous trips (he is coming in Armenia at least twice a year) we strongly considered the possibility of developing a project with the State Institute of Dramatic Arts.

I am a dancer and choreographer, but I also practice Aikido since several years. The work with the body we develop, either through dance or aikido is a fabulous way to communicate with people. It going beyond words, it goes beyond the boundaries of language, it is a true universal language ...

Are you satisfied with your workshops? Will there be any presentation of results?

I am very happy with this period of work. It was very intense ! The students of Mister Armen Meliksetyan, despite early difficulties with a completely new work, and very limited time of work, have made a great job. We worked on the creation of a 20-minute choreography of 'contemporary dance' on the music of 'West Side Story'. It was also a challenge for me, with so short time to create a choreography with dancers who did not know my work and with a music that was not really of my choice ... but at the end, it was very interesting! The choreography will be presented in next May for their show of end of study in the Theatre of the Institute.

Have you already discovered anything typically Armenian in your participants attitude towards dance?

 Of course! At first, I was very surprised by their ability to sing and dance at the same time. I had also the chance to see their work in other school rehearsals. They sing very well. They also like to work together. I think that perhaps this could be explained by the Armenian tradition of song and dance group.

Do you plan to continue teaching here?

Yes, we have already planned to return in October to start an other project with the School. There will be a new session of student (for next 3 years) and so we should have the opportunity to develop our work on a much longer time. And may be it would be possible to create a choreography on specific musical composition. We like working between tradition and modernity. In fact, my work in dance (contemporary)  is fed by martial arts (tradition).

Further more, in our company, we recently beguin to work with the use of new technologies in image and music. For example, we use video projections, computer devices and digital musical instruments. And all that stuff in interaction with dance ....!

In which other countries are you currently having projects?

Since many years, artists of the company have developed outreach work in different European countries (Italy, Poland, Germany, Hungary) and outside of Europe (Syria, Morocco, Brazil) with some cultural structures and training schools.

The company also runs its shows in different countries of Europe. Currently we are working on the realization of  'Body of the city', an european  project that will develop through three city: Paris, Krakow and Turin. It'is a project of creation and reflection on the evolution of the city and our relationship to the body through an intergenerational and cultural dialogue. This is a theme of actuality, that makes us reflect on our future, and we would like to develop this project through other cities in the world ...

Kristina Kotenkova

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