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“The world must know who Armenian people are”. KeyOh on her 4 magazine covers and Armenia Europe Beauty Contest

18:04, July 3

Armenian singer KeyOh continues setting new goals and making us happy with her new success. The singer has appeared on the cover of fashion magazine Modellenland for already 4 times. The 3 covers are done for the 3th anniversary of the magazine.

As always KeyOh shared her important news with STYLE, also representing her new photos to our readers and speaking about the beauty contest she and her sister have organised in Belgium.

“The name of the photographer is Joss Peix. He is from Paris. It was the first time I have worked with him. But it was a bless and a great collaboration. It took us only 3 hours to be in Paris and before we knew we where in the magical city and magical things where happening. I will never forget how hot that day was and how much we where in hurry to make sure that we can finalize taking pictures of all the outfits. Still, we managed to enjoy a coffee under the Eiffel Tower and see the sunset”,-says the singer.

Talking about her 4 covers, KeyOh says.

“It’s incredible, it’s the fourth time indeed. I guess they like the success they are booking with me. The magazine has over 9 million visitors in the year. It’s pretty overwhelming to know that they chose me again. But of course, I’m honored, super humble and happy about it”.

Now KeyOh and her sister are busy with Miss Armenia Europe beauty contest, the final of which will take place on September.

“My sister Anna Ohanian and myself are now organizing Miss Armenia Europe. The finalists are being reviled every month. My sister and I are hoping to discover new beautiful, talented Armenian girls all over Europe.

Because ... well just because I can’t do what I do forever and I’m hoping to see new Armenian girls on the covers of magazines, on TV, on the papers. Not just because of beauty but also for being talented in many ways. I’m so proud to be Armenian and the world must know who Armenian people are, what they do and can. The world must know-we are here, we will stay and we will always be recognized for doing great things”.

Interview: Syune Arakelyan

Art director: Van Poucke Peter
Model : kéyoh Ohanian
Photographer: Joss Peix
Make up : Nelly make up
Hair: kapsalon Mari
Clothing: Raisa & Vanessa
Clothing: Alfabeta
Dressed by: Atelier ExC
Styled by:
Nelly Yengibaryan & Ebru Sari
Accessories: 365 Rebel
Shoes: Ted Baker
Location: Paris

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