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17:06, May 12

32-year-old pop star Indira Aradinović is considered the Serbian counterpart of the 38-year-old American reality TV star Kim Kardashian.  The girl said her curves and beauty are natural, ladbible reported. 

Indira Aradinovic is known in Serbia as a pop folk singer.  She has released two albums and several singles, often taking part in various TV shows.

Indira is often compared to Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to local media, she said: "People say we look alike. We sometimes have a similar hairdo or makeup style, but it is only ever coincidence.

They say that we are similar because of our facial features and a little bit because of our physique.

However, if we speak honestly, I am more beautiful. I mean, I am totally natural, I have never done anything to myself while Kim has undergone many surgeries and has a lot of money,” she said.

A native of Belgrade noted that the American star has a lot of money.  But wealth is not a guarantee of happiness, she added.

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