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Sasha Cohen confirms ‘Borat’ breaks up Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock’s marriage

18:15, May 31

Comedian, actor and screenwriter Sasha Baron Cohen said that the scene of the abduction of Pamela Anderson in film ‘Borat’ broke up her marriage with Kid Rock, The Daily Beast reported.

Sasha Baron Cohen recalled the scene in which the protagonist runs through the streets and notices Pamela Anderson talking to fans. Then he ran to her, grabbed her and kidnapped.

The comedian admitted for the first time that the scene was partially staged - only Anderson knew about the shooting.

“The first time we did it at a book signing and I grabbed her over my shoulder and ran out with her and no one did anything,” he said. “I was like, what kind of fans are these? So we did it again and they started running after me.”

He didn’t realize it during the scene, but when he tried to pick her up, she “clipped her jaw.” Calling Anderson “amazingly brave,” Baron Cohen said that she actually “lost two things” that day. “One, she lost a tiny bit of bone from her jaw,” he explained, “and secondly, she lost a husband.”

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