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Versace apologizes to China for mistake on T-shirts

16:11, August 12

Italian fashion house Versace apologized for the sale of T-shirts and sweatshirts after Chinese netizens criticized it for selling clothes that misrepresented Hong Kong and Macao, both special administrative regions of China, as separate countries, China Daily reported. 


The scandal erupted after the Chinese representative of Versace, Yang Mi posted a photo of a T-shirt on which a list of cities and countries in which they are located was printed. The design-a list of cities and countries-listed Beijing and Shanghai as part of China but not the two SARs.

“It was our negligence, and we are deeply sorry for the ramifications we caused," it said, adding that "we love China and have resolute respect for its territorial and national sovereignty,” the statement said.

According to the newspaper, due to this mistake, Chinese actress Yang Mi, who was the face of a fashion house in China, refused to cooperate with Versace. The actress on Sunday terminated the contract with the fashion house, which she signed in June.

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