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15:03, September 17

He promised and he came. Yes, Tomas N’Evergreen, the famous Danish singer, who became very popular with his world known hits Since You’ve Been Gone, Everytime, In a Moment Like This and etc., had visited Armenia as a special guest at the Yerevan Music Night 2019, which took place on September 14 at Charles Aznavour Square.

After the concert the singer shared his emotions and Armenian adventures with STYLE.

First time in Armenia, on Armenian stage, before Armenian fans…What are your impressions after the concert, Tomas?

The concert went very well, we had some issues with the sound in the beginning, but then it got better, and we were very happy. It was amazing location there with the water around the stage. There was unfortunately a girl that fell into that water and I was a little bit unsure if we had to stop the show. But she just smiled and didn’t seem to be hurt, and then the security helped her out. It was very lovely experience all in all with a lot of unknown factors but I like that.

The program was a little bit delayed and we had to finish at 11 and therefore we didn’t get to play Just Another Love song, but hopefully we will do that next time.

The stage during the conert was full of energy. Where do you get it all from and what’s the secret of passing it that accurately to the audience?

There is a lot of energy bouncing back-and-forth between us in the band and the audience. It’s like the more energy you use and give, the more you get back. There was a lot of positive feedback from the crowd, and that reflects of course also on my performance.

Every trip to a new country is a new chance of making new friends, new collogues, new collaborations. Did you have time to meet with the Armenian performers? Maybe you plan any collaboration?

Yes, I love especially the duduk players from Kami Friends project. So much emotion in that sound. Touches my soul, and sings to me in a language I can understand.

One of them was the grandson of Jivan Gasparyan, who I had the honor to meet at the Eurovision in Norway in 2010. I would love to make music with duduk.

You now live in Russia and it’s very close to Armenia, but this was your first performance here. Have you thought of coming here with a concert before and how this time your participation became possible?

I wanted to come to Armenia for many, but when I had invitations, we always had performances elsewhere, so this time when Kami Music Club asked us to come, we didn’t hesitate for a second to say “yes”.

How many days did you spend here? What did you manage to see?

We arrived late Friday night and we went straight to very late night supper I would say with great Armenian food, and on Saturday after the sound check we went to see the factory, where they make the hand made Megerian Carpets, famous for the double knot, and they were showing us around and after we had a wonderful lunch there and for the first time in my life I tried the Armenian dolma with the lamb, which is still my favorite of all the different food I tried there. Also we had the lavash bread that one was baked underneath the ground in a special oven.

After that before the concert we went for a walk around the beautiful old city of  Yerevan and we went up the beautiful stairs of Cascade in the center with an astonishing view, where you can see all the way to the big mountains.

So, will you return one day again?

I certainly hope to come back soon, I already miss Armenia and the beautiful people I met there and wonderful weather. I am on my way to Denmark now to see my daughter. Hope to see you soon.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos by Arsen Sargsyan

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