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Celebrity pastry chef Flora Aghababyan: Love is my secret ingredient

17:18, January 9

“When I was a child, becoming a hobbit witch was more to my liking.  Now I make different kinds of magic with pastry and sugar.   I wouldn’t trade a moment of it – I find so much joy and fulfillment in my work”, legendary pastry chef from U.S. Flora Aghababyan said in an interview with STYLE. Her cakes are artworks, even celebrities line up for them. Kim Kardashian is a big lover of cakes from Flora. Also Donald Trump is a fan of her creations. Flora firmly believes that we don’t always choose our profession or career – sometimes it chooses us. Nevada Restaurant Association Award was presented to Flora this year, she is Pastry Chef of the Year.

How did you start your carrier?

I’m a firm believer that we don’t always choose our profession or career – sometimes it chooses us.   When I was a child, becoming a hobbit witch was more to my liking.  Now I make different kinds of magic with pastry and sugar.   I wouldn’t trade a moment of it – I find so much joy and fulfillment in my work. I know if I push myself and tell myself that I have to do it, and I want to do it — I can do it.

Is it difficult to make a dream come true in USA?

I dream, I believe and I do it, it always come true… To make someone dream comes true is a big competition for me every day. I would like to make this happen and I will do everything possible… I know it takes a lot of effort but I do it with pleasure. The end of the day if everything is fine, everyone is happy this is the best award for me for every day. Often I get comments like “Chef Flora  lady starts to cray when she sees her baby shower cake” or “She did not let her wedding cake to be cut” or ”From event couple did not let to serve the cake, they just  take their  5 tier cake them”. Is funny but it is true, that means their dream comes true. I am happy and very satisfied.  

Your cakes are artworks, how do you create them?

Each day brings an opportunity to create something new.  My greatest fulfillment is watching someone’s face light up when they see one of our cake creations.  That magic means more to me than anything else.   If during the course of a day, something new is not created, I feel like I have not really expressed myself – even after working a 12-hour day!

What do you inspires in your scope?

Inspiration come from everywhere: weather, season, nature, water, colors, people, personalities… You can get inspire with everything… Just to be self-confident and believe… Believe what do you think, how do you see the thinks, what do you want, put all your strengths and energy, to be positive and also hard work. Success likes had work and he will follow you no matter what.

You are the lovely person for many celebrities, for example, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian. Is it difficult to make cakes for famous people?

Not difficult. I would say that it is a passion to make cakes for everyone not only celebrities. I am serving everyone equally and trying to give them as much as possible my “Love” with eggs, sugar and butter. For me the secret ingredient is “Love” and no matter where you put it will grow. My life is guided by three principles:  be caring and loving, and as helpful as possible to others.   So while I would love for people to think fondly of my cake creations; what I want them to remember is the moments of happiness that we helped to create.  There are so many problems and challenges in the world today – pastry arts have the ability to bring people together and make them forget their cares – if only for a small time.  So my “uniting the nation” starts with eating and living healthy; maintaining a positive outlook and always staying humble.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do – it’s important to be someone that people can learn from and a person that inspires.

You are Pastry Chef of the Year 2019, it is Nevada Restaurant Association Award. What is it for you?

It was 37th Annual Culinary Excellence Award which was organized by the Nevada Restaurant Association.  It is the organization that includes leading representatives of the industry. Nevada Restaurant Association Award is a major event that takes place in Las Vegas. To be honest this nomination was surprise and honor for me. For me the victory means the recognition of my achievements in the professional field, it is the important moment for me.  I did work hard but have never dream to rich to this point. Everything or anything I did never thought I will get awards, but I guess they were following me.

Would you like to open your own cooking school?

Yes, I would like. I am in the process to open the school and to share all my years’ experience with new talented and creative generation.

List of Competitions: Challenges and Nominations

2005 Food Network TV Show Birthday Cake Challenge “Elvis Presley”

2007 Food Network TV Show Birthday Cake Challenge “Princess”

2008 One of The top 10 Wedding Cakes “Bride of Paradise”

2009 Second Runner UP Wedding Cakes “Return To The Sea”

2010 World Grand National Champion “Visions of Heaven” 

2012 The Premier Cake Artist on the Las Vegas Strip “Let Them Eat Cake”

2012  Dessert Professional’s Top Ten Cake Artists in North America 2012,  “Dragon”

2018 F&B Honors Sweetest Slice

2019 Food Network TV Show “Holiday Wars”

2019 Pastry Chef of the Year - Nevada Restaurant Association Award

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