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Lost treasure. Deleted scenes of ‘Iron Man’

13:15, August 21

By Norayr Nazarian

Sometimes scenes are removed from movies that are not part of the final editing of the movie.

At the same time, these episodes are very important, as they help to reveal the character and explain the incomprehensible moments of the plot. For a moviegoer, finding such scenes is like finding a treasure. STYLE presents deleted scenes from the movie " Iron Man".

1. Ambush on the Convoy (Extended version)

2․ Tony Stark loses $ 3 million playing roulette.

3․ Tony and Rhodey on Stark's plane

4․ James Rhodes talks to General William Gabriel

5․ Tony returns home

6․ Tony begins work on Mark 2

7․ Stark and Pepper come to a party in Dubai

8․ Pepper discovers that Tony is Iron Man

9․ Fight on the roof

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