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02:51, July 2

The most unreal event of the year became a reality in Armenia!

50 Cent made the Haya Festival unforgettable with his concert in the capital Yerevan, which took place today at Hrazdan Stadium, bringing together thousands of spectators from Armenia and abroad.

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The world-famous rapper has arrived in Armenia as part of the Greenlight Gang Tour. The star musician's concert was opened by the groups 3.33 and "Mi qani hogi"; US-based Armenian rapper R-Mean also performed.

50 Cent was on stage for about 1.5 hours, performed his legendary hits which were received with enthusiastic reactions and cheers by those in attendance.

The concert became exceptional also with joint performances with G-Unit group. Hrazdan Stadium had not been this “sizzling” for a long time.

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As for the Haya Festival, it does not end there. On July 9, the concert of the exclusive Led Zeppelin Symphonic project is scheduled at Hrazdan Stadium. The summer concert series of this festival had started on June 25 with a solo concert in Yerevan by famous French singer Zaz.

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Syune Arakelyan
Photos by Arsen Sargsyan
Video by Meline Tonoyan and Hayk Tonoyan

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