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14:11, November 25

Netflix platform has been accused of copyright infringement, writes The Daily Mail.

Writer Mary Cagnin, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, wrote on Twitter that the new Netflix series 1899 is similar to her 2016 graphic novel Black Silence. According to her, the show raises a theme with the pyramids described in her work. Cagnin also accused the service of using some details from the plot of her book in the show, including episodes involving the deaths of characters. The writer said her heart was "broken" when she found her work being used in this way, noting that Netflix had not contacted her before filming the show and had not received any permission to launch the project.

Producer 1899 Jantje Friese responded to the plagiarism allegations by writing on social media that the show was an original story and that there was no plagiarism in it. She said they didn't even know the novel Black Silence existed. According to the producer "1899" is an original story, there's no work based on the novel.

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