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Kim Kardashian admits to some rumors about her being true

12:41, April 25

Kim Kardashian has admitted that some rumors about her are actually true. While on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, the host asked Kim a few questions to clear up rumors he's heard about her, such as whether she blow-dries her jewelry before wearing it.

“Exactly,” Kardashian replied. “Because I hate being cold. And when you wear cold jewelry or anything like that with a zipper, you just want it to be warm.”

Kardashian confirmed that she sleeps with her eyes half open, washes her feet every night before bed, and celebrated her 14th birthday at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Also, Kim confirmed that she prefers to have someone remove the lid from the Starbucks cup. “It’s true, and I hate this feeling,” Kardashian admitted. “I just don’t see it when I hear or see it. The lid coming off the cup is like running nails on a blackboard to me.”

However, it turns out that Kardashian does not have six toes on one foot.

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