Kim Kardashian is sued over furniture

11:17, March 28

The late artist Donald Judd's foundation is suing Kim Kardashian over her claims that she promoted furniture made by him, but he actually had nothing to do with her.

The Judd Foundation, a non-profit organization that honors the American artist known for his sculptures and minimalist designs, claims the 43-year-old reality star showed off a $90,000 desk and a set of chairs worth $9,000 each, which she said were Judd's works.

In documents obtained by The Daily Mail, the foundation claims Kardashian received the furniture from Clements Design, which is also named as a defendant in the suit. It's unclear whether Kardashian knew the furniture was not Judd's original work.

In the video, which has 3.7 million views, she said: "These Donald Judd desks are truly amazing." The video was removed after the lawsuit was filed. The foundation claims the items were “counterfeits,” and believes Kardashian misled the public. The foundation further argues that due to the publicity of Kardashian's video, Judd's reputation and legacy have been tarnished.

“Clements Design knowingly manufactured and sold counterfeit designs. The Judd Foundation's attempt to resolve the matter without litigation was met with delays and excuses from Ms. Kardashian and Clements Design. More than a year later, a video of Ms. Kardashian advertising counterfeit furniture attributed to Donald Judd remains available on her YouTube page to millions of subscribers and the general public.” 

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