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Copenhagen’s Michelin-starred restaurants are world’s most expensive ones

19:43, May 3

Copenhagen is the city with the most expensive Michelin-starred food in the world, according to Chef's Pencil magazine. At the Danish capital's 14 Michelin-starred establishments, the average dinner price is $443. And Denmark itself is the country with the most expensive Michelin-rated food; the average cost of food in the country's 32 Michelin-starred restaurants is $314.

Chef's Pencil analyzed the menus of 3,517 Michelin-starred restaurants, ranging from one-star to three-star. The analysis includes 41 countries and territories covered by the 124-year-old Michelin Guide. If a restaurant had more than one tasting menu available, the publication chose the most expensive one, but it did not include additional dishes, drinks, service charges, or tips.

When it comes to the world’s most expensive cities, Copenhagen is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of average price. It is followed by Macau with an average of $283, Hong Kong with $266, San Francisco with $263, and Dubai rounding out the top five at $259. Looking at countries and territories more broadly, Denmark is followed by Hong Kong ($266), Iceland ($248), Singapore ($241), and the United States ($227).

Overall, the average price of a Michelin-starred dish among all restaurants in the aforesaid rating is $179. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that each star adds about $100 to the cost of your dinner. Restaurants with one star charge an average of $165, restaurants with two stars—up to $256, and restaurants with three stars—$356. While stars are intended to indicate an increased level of culinary excellence and service, they hint at an increased price also.

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