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Wine Story: Let’s combine Armenia cheeses and wines!

18:44, June 9

Armenia, a country with ancient winemaking traditions and a rich cultural heritage, offers unique flavor combinations that can whet the appetite of even the most sophisticated gourmet.

In this review, we will look at how Armenian wines made from local grape varieties combine harmoniously with Armenian cheeses, and we will tell you what taste sensations these combinations give and why they are so tasty.

Lori and Areni

Lori is a delicate and soft cheese with a delicate taste, which is made from cow's milk. Its creamy texture and slight saltiness pair perfectly with a wine that won't overwhelm its delicate flavors.

Areni is one of the most popular and ancient grape varieties in Armenia. The wine from this variety is distinguished by rich fruit notes, soft tannins, and a long aftertaste.

The delicate taste of Lori harmonizes perfectly with the fruity and slightly spicy notes of Areni. The creaminess of the cheese is emphasized by the soft tannins of the wine, creating a harmonious and balanced taste.

Chanakh and Khndogni

Chanakh is a cheese with a rather rich, salty flavor that has a dense texture, so it requires a wine with a strong character to create a harmonious combination.

Khndogni is another unique grape variety that produces a wine with a rich taste and aroma of black berries, spices, and light tannic notes.

The hardness and saltiness of chanakh is perfectly softened by the berry notes and complex structure of Khndogni.

Chechil and Voskehat

Chechil is a stretch cheese, which is also called “pigtail.” Its taste is reminiscent of young cheese with slight saltiness and sourness.

Voskehat is a white grape variety that produces aromatic and fresh wines with notes of citrus, flowers, and honey. The freshness and sourness of chechil are ideally combined with the aromatic and refreshing notes of Voskehat. The lightness of the cheese is emphasized by the fruity and floral notes of the wine, creating a refreshing and light taste experience.

Motal and Kakhet

Motal is a traditional Armenian cheese that matures in clay vessels filled with herbs. Its taste is intense and rich, with characteristic herbal notes.

Kakhet is a grape variety that produces rich wines with deep flavors and aroma of ripe fruits and spices. The intense taste of motal is in perfect harmony with the rich and complex taste of Kakhet. The herbal notes of the cheese are emphasized by the berry and spicy notes of the wine, creating a deep and memorable combination.


Liana Aghajanyan


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