Prof-Art Dance Studio in US talks about Azerbaijan's siege of Artsakh: 'Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the current situation'

16:04, February 6

Syune Araqelyan

The Arm Folk Group's Prof-Art Dance Studio is currently in the United States on a cultural exchange program. The tour started on January 18. In a conversation with STYLE, Prof-Art Artistic Director Tigran Mnoyan noted that cultural presentations presenting Armenian culture are held at educational institutions in the United States.

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"We left with a group of 13 people. Here we present our culture and history. In our presentations we raise the issue of Artsakh, the current blockade, the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan and Turkey against Armenia and Artsakh. Our meetings take place exclusively in the presence of American students and influential people, and we attach great importance to raising these issues in that environment. Unfortunately, many people are not even aware of the situation," says the leader of the group.

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The group has already visited more than 20 states and many cities. According to Tigran Mnoyan, there has never been such a large-scale visit in the history of Armenian dance groups.

"We have been to New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Colorado. We're in Arizona now. Our tour continues. The band members are not only teaching, sharing their stories, but also sharing their experiences and taking classes at famous colleges in the United States. We also visit landmarks."

The Arm Folk Group's pro-art dance studio was created in 2014. It specializes in folk songs and dances. The director of the group is Alexan Zakyan.

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