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LadaNiva's 'Shakar' music video reaches 13,000 views on YouTube in less than day since its premiere

11:06, February 17

Ladaniva is a popular French band known far beyond the borders of France and especially loved in Armenia. The band of Armenian woman Jacqueline and Frenchman Louis is remembered for their style of performing Armenian songs, and the popularity of the band in Armenia is conditioned by their approach to arrangements of Armenian folk songs. The band's entire repertoire, as well as their name, is imbued with love for Armenian culture, embodied through vivid imagery, dance motifs, and irony.

The song Shakar, which means "sugar" in Armenian, has a simple lyrics, which is used in the video through the abundance of sweet snacks: honey, chocolate paste, marmalade, marshmallow, cream, donuts, cakes, pastries, and more - all in very bright colors and colorful accents.

There is an episode in the song that is stylized as much as possible to classic Bollywood musical tunes, which only adds to the absolute joie de vivre with which the performance and the frames of the video are filled.

The permanent member of the band - Frenchman Louis plays Armenian motives on his trumpet and dances irrepressibly to the groovy tunes.

The absolutely life-affirming music video is the best embodiment of Armenia's key cultural values, including generosity and gastronomic abundance (sweet table), passion and love for life (groovy music and dancing), and the desire to spread the national culture in the world (Louis dancing).

The uncomplicated lyrics and a groovy motif are combined with a vivid video and an absolutely charming performer. If you play the song separately from the video, you can hear the smile in the performer's voice. The video, the song, and her performance are all permeated with traditional Armenian vitality, best encapsulated in the Armenian word "Հավես" (roughly translated as pleasure, joy, cool)


Regina Melikyan

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