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Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall continue their family holiday tradition of making Armenian dish Beeshee

12:33, December 25

Kylie Jenner gave her Instagram followers a look into one of her family's holiday traditions in a video that was shared on her Instagram account on Saturday, Daily Mail writes. 

In the clip, the 26-year-old reality television personality was joined by her older sister Kendall as they made beeshee, a dish of Armenian origin that is typically served at breakfast or brunch.

The entrepreneur, who sent fans into a frenzy after she shared her 'favorite' Christmas card, also revealed that it was their first time making the dish and wrote that she wanted to make her older half-sisters proud in her post's caption.

The model went on to express doubt about her initial run with the beeshee dough, stating: 'This doesn't look good. We might have ruined Christmas.'

The entrepreneur then applied a digital filter to her older sister's face to make her look like the Grinch as they redid the beeshee dough.

The duo later went looking for a blanket to wrap their dough in, and Kendall stood on her sister's leg in order to reach one located at the top rack of one of their closets. 

The 818 Tequila founder wore a cropped t-shirt and matching sweats while preparing breakfast, while her younger sister opted for a patterned sweater and black pants.

Kylie and her older sibling went on to cover their dough with the blanket, and the latter took the 'beeshee baby' to her sisters for approval.

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