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Montegrappa unveils pen dedicated to Frankenstein

19:23, April 26

Italian luxury writing instrument maker Montegrappa has unveiled a new limited edition pen that pays homage to one of the most iconic movies, Frankenstein.

The Frankenstein L.E. pen, crafted from vintage materials, highlights the company's unrivaled ability to combine inventive engineering and theatrical production.

The brass body uses special lost wax casting to recreate design elements such as rivets and seams. Electroplating is used in order to give the body a beaten, cast-iron shine. The brass and resin section of the handle is laser engraved with a lightning bolt effect.

A pair of electrodes activate the cap release mechanism, revealing an 18-karat gold nib engraved with the face of Dr. Frankenstein's monster. In addition, this pen is equipped with a gyroscopic mechanism and an antique flywheel chamber, in which you can see Dr. Frankenstein's monster built into the cap.

The fountain pen features Montegrappa's Power-Push refill mechanism and comes with a bottle of green ink. Each pen comes also with a product display and special accessories that are reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. It includes an operating table or pen display, measuring instruments, and a working plasma ball.

The ballpoint pen is available for 8,795 euros, and the fountain pen can be yours for 9,495 euros.


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