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Scottie Thompson, David Koechner, Gillian White, Isaiah Washington lead Christmas Comedy ‘Dashing Through The Snow’ by Prince Bagdasarian

13:32, March 6

Scottie Thompson (Hellfire), David Koechner (Anchorman), Gillian White (Trouble Man!) and Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy) are currently starring in Christmas action-comedy Dashing Through The Snow, Deadline reports. 

From writer-director Prince Bagdasarian, the movie is also starring are Hunter Ives (Abstraction), James Di Giacomo (The Kill Room) and social media influencer, Nick Antonyan.

The Christmas action-comedy film is set in a cabin on Christmas Eve, where US Marshall Jo (Scottie Thompson) protects a pregnant fugitive (Gillian White) from a bounty hunter (Hunter Ives) and a hitman Santa (David Koechner), accompanied by his henchmen of elves.

“I aim to craft a unique blend of dark comedy and action, immersing the audience in a snow-laden Christmas Eve filled with unexpected twists. We explore the chaos of family dynamics, impending motherhood, positivity, and the hilarity of fending off inept hitmen in a winter setting. I’m thrilled to be working with an exceptionally talented cast. The film will offer viewers an entertaining escape into a world where the holiday spirit takes unexpected turns,” says Prince Bagdasarian.

Bagdasarian’s latest film was "Abducted", which premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival and was released on Showtime.

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