Owner of $20M-worth mansion built on top of skyscraper may never be able to live there

22:15, March 25

Billionaires are known for their extravagant and often eccentric housing choices. But one entrepreneur has taken luxury mansions to new heights—to 123 meters to be exact, writes BI.

Spanning over 40,000 square feet, this heavenly mansion features two floors, a helipad, lush gardens, an infinity pool, and a 360-degree observation deck, perched atop a 33-story luxury residential complex in Bangalore, India.

“Building a mansion on a huge cantilever of such height was not easy, but we ensured that we build it exactly as it was intended,” Irfan Razak, head of Prestige Estates Projects, previously had said. (79).jpg (60 KB)

This heavenly mansion in Bangalore was designed for Indian businessman Vijay Mallya and is completely separate from the apartments below. The apartment building, known as Kingfisher Towers, was built on a 4.5-acre plot of land where Mallya's ancestral home once stood.

But there is a real possibility that the entrepreneur will never live in this mansion practically in heaven.

Mallya was known as the "king of good times" for his lavish lifestyle, but he fled India in March 2016 after defaulting on more than $1 billion in debts and facing fraud charges, according to The Financial Times. He tried to get asylum in the UK.

According to Indian media reports, his “heavenly mansion” was still unfinished in 2017. It is valued at $20 million.

Another impressive home owned by India's super-rich is the Antilia Tower in Mumbai, owned by the Ambani family. Its construction cost approximately $1 billion. It includes nine elevators, a 50-seat movie theater, a full-service spa, a 168-car garage, and three helipads. (18).jpg (82 KB)

The Ambani residence is 27 stories high—although numerous double-height ceilings mean it is closer in height to a traditional 40-story building.

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