Winston Churchill had painted painting in honor of his favorite whiskey, Johnnie Walker

20:18, March 29

While Winston Churchill may not have been known for his paintings, the late UK Prime Minister was an accomplished artist, and some of his works have sold for millions of dollars.

One of his oil paintings, “Jug with Bottles,” depicts the recognizable Johnnie Walker Black bottle next to a bottle of brandy, empty glasses, and a glass jug. It is said that Churchill drank this mixture with sparkling water to start his day. If Churchill used alcohol to wake him up, painting was his meditative way to sleep. "He did this all his life, even in his darkest hours he continued to paint if he could," Simon Hacker, co-head of Sotheby's modern and post-war British art department, told Agence France-Presse.

It was rumored that Churchill was a lover of brandy and French cognac, and was particularly fond of Ararat, an Armenian brandy which he tasted at the 1945 Yalta Conference. However, it is not surprising that Churchill preferred Johnnie Walker Black. The latter contains a blend of some of Scotch's most unique whiskeys in one sip and is loved by connoisseurs for its bold flavor packaged in an accessible label.

A 1930s still life of Winston Churchill holding a Johnnie Walker bottle was given to an American businessman and special envoy to Europe. Since Churchill primarily focused on painting landscapes, drinking themes are rare in his collection of paintings.

Although "Bottle Jug" sold at auction for nearly $1.3 million in 2020, "Bottle Landscape" is still on display at Churchill's Chartwell estate.

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