Author of new book about the Beckhams promises ‘astonishing discoveries’ about David's sex life

10:20, April 17

David and Victoria Beckham are preparing to release a book that threatens to put their marriage back in the spotlight. Investigative journalist Tom Bower's book, The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power, will be published on June 20 and promises "astonishing discoveries" about the couple.

"Those who want to know about Beckham's sex life won't be disappointed," Tom told The Mirror. Although Bower wrote an entire book about the Beckhams, he did not interview them for publication, instead talking to a senior member of David's team.

Also, the author stated that the star spouses put a spoke in his wheels. “The Beckhams made sure I couldn't talk to quite a lot of people. But I found enough people to talk to and made some very interesting discoveries. This was a book that surprised me. We think we know everything. But there’s actually a lot we don’t know yet, but the public will find out.”

Last November, the former footballer touched on his romance with Rebecca Loos in the Netflix documentary Beckham. However, David did not speak directly about the affair and did not admit any guilt, but spoke about the "horrible" consequences, which, according to him, left him "feeling bad every day."

Rebecca, 46, who worked as David's assistant before going public with details of their alleged secret affair in 2004, accused him of "playing himself as a victim" and dodging responsibility.

Bower would not confirm whether his latest book would harm the couple, noting that the public will be given the opportunity to decide what they think of the new information.

“Through extensive research, expert research and insider interviews, Britain's most celebrated investigative biographer, Tom Bower, has produced revelations that provide astonishing insight into the reality of the Beckham Brand. Exploring the couple's relationship, as well as the truth about their football and fashion careers, their finances and their new lives in Miami, ‘The House of Beckham’ reveals the extraordinary reality of business savvy cultural icons to tell a gripping, often surprising story about money, sex and power," HarperCollins said in a statement.


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