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Nicki Minaj detained at Amsterdam airport on suspicion of transporting ‘soft drugs’

11:25, May 27

Nicki Minaj was detained at Amsterdam airport on suspicion of transporting soft drugs. The singer apologized to fans outside her Manchester hotel early on Sunday for postponing her UK concert after being detained by Dutch authorities on drug trafficking charges.

In a statement released by Live Nation and concert venue Co-op Live, organizers said they were "deeply disappointed" by the inconvenience.

In a video on social media, Minaj can be heard talking to police at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The singer mentions the "rolled cigarettes they found" and is then seen being taken out of the car and called into a police van. When she asks why she is being told to get into the van, the official tells her that she is “under arrest” for “transporting drugs.” Minaj responds, “I don’t carry drugs around.”

Minaj repeatedly requests the address of the police station and the presence of a lawyer throughout the clip, while the police ask her to stop video recording.

Dutch police told CNN they arrested a 41-year-old American woman with “soft drugs” at Schiphol Airport. Later on Saturday, the Royal Netherlands Office said a woman detained "on suspicion of exporting soft drugs has been released." “After consultation with the prosecutor’s office, the suspect was issued a fine and is now allowed to continue her journey,” the statement said.

Minaj is currently on her Pink Friday 2 World Tour in support of her latest album, released late last year.


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