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Anggun. «Mostly Armenian singers are extremely good vocalists»

11:02, October 8

Many of you will remember Indonesian singer Anggun living in France, who was very popular in Armenia with her song “Etre Une Femme”. Another hit by this beautiful singer, “Saviour”, became the soundtrack of the popular American movie, “Transporter 2”.

In 2012, the world known singer participated in “Eurovision Song Contest”, and although Armenia did not participate in that year’s Contest,  Anggun remembers many of our participants of “Eurovision”. Which are these entries? What the famous singer thinks about Armenian song of “Junior Eurovision 2014”, “People of the Sun” and what she wishes to our representative, Betty? Here is  our exclusive interview with  the World’s Best Selling Indonesian Artist according to “World Music Awards 2014”.

- Anggun, it’s interesting to know, from whom you have inherited your special and interesting voice?

-First of all, thank you :) And secondly, I believe that each person has their own sound and voice color, like a fingerprint it's unique. So I'm afraid the way my voice sounds it's only the resonance of my bone structure and for the rest it's basically maintenance, which is sleep and not over using the voice.

-You have already been very popular in Indonesia, when you moved to France. Why did you choose this country to start your international career?

-I left Indonesia for England, lived in London for a year, when the whole boy band-girl band phenomenon dictated the music industry. I didn't want to be featured in a band, because I'm a solo artist, so I decided to go to another country. It was so random, that I ended up being in France, but I'm happy here. It's not a perfect country and I gave up the idea of it, but France has given me many beautiful things: a language, a career, friends and family.

- You’re not only a talented singer, but you are also a very beautiful woman. What do you think, for what percent the looks of the artist affects on his/her career?

- I'm not really responsible with the way I was born, but I am fully with my music, lyrics and different aspects of my career. I am well aware that my looks is an added value to my music, but if you don't have the music to begin with or if you're only relying on your looks, it's difficult to have the longevity in your career. 

- In 2005, “Etre Une Femme” has become a mega hit in the world, including Armenia. Did you expect that the song was going to become that popular and can we expect such hits from you in the near future?

-When a song is born in the studio, I, of course, always have high hopes for it, but it's only normal, because as an artist I want my work to be appreciated by many. But once an album is finished an artist depends on so many different layers of people in the industry, as well as the public. So, my job is to always try to be honest with work and if I'm lucky, I will probably pen a hit or two. 

- Another hit by you, “Saviour” has become the soundtrack of “Transporter 2”. Please, tell us, how it happened?

-It's just so happened that the people from the movie were looking for some exciting, rocky and catchy song and they came across "Saviour". I was super happy when they chose it. The movie reached #1 in the box-office in America.

- Actually, a lot of singers would love to collaborate with you… Are there any artists that you have interest to work with?

-There are many, of course, and I have always loved doing collaborations, writing songs with a wide array of talented artists can only elevate my own writing and an interesting song or two might come out of it. I have done many that I'm absolutely proud of and I can't wait to do more. The best collaborations are the ones that are wanted by the artists themselves and not label arranged type. 

- You’ve taken part in “Eurovision 2012”. In your opinion, is the fame and popularity of the artist important in Eurovision?

- I don't think, that it is important because let's not forget, that it's Eurovision Song Contest, so the songs are the stars, the singers are only messengers. But I do love to see and hear popular artists such as Anouk, Englebert Humperdinck, Bonnie Tyler, Blue doing “Eurovision”. It gives an added value to the show. 

- By the way, Armenia started participating in “Eurovision” since 2006. Have you seen some of our performances from different years of the show and which one have you liked the most?

-I actually remember the Dorians, because I thought "Lonely Planet" was a very good rock song, as well as Inga and Anush with their strong vocals. Mostly Armenian singers are extremely good vocalists, Aram mp3 from this year's ESC sings extremely well too. 

- In “Junior Eurovision 2014” Armenia will be represented by Betty with the song “People of the Sun”. What’s your opinion about the song and would you wish something to Betty?

- It's very different choice of song from the previous ones that represented Armenia, but it's fresh and very catchy. If you put up a good stage performance, fingers crossed, it can appeal to the judges as well as the public. Good luck! 

 -Thanks.And can we expect to see you with concerts in Armenia one day?

I am currently in the studio for my new up coming album to be released mid 2015. Who knows, maybe this next album will bring me to Armenia.


- Would you like to wish something to the readers of Style?

- I'd like to wish them a life full of good music, because without music life is dull, tasteless and flat.


  Syune Arakelyan


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