Make up artist Marianna Mukuchyan about her collaboration with Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra

11:03, April 28

It is always pleasant to meet Armenian names in international areas. Recently, stylist Marianna Mukuchyan surprised us with her collaboration with one of the most beautiful women in the world, Bollywood star Aishwaria Rai. But this is not Marianna’s only Bollywood collaboration.

From styling her sister Iveta Mukuchyan to doing hair and make up for Priyanka Chopra and Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai. STYLE had an exclusive interview with international hair and make up artist Marianna Mukuchyan.

-Marianna, why did you decide to leave Germany and continue your career in India?

-I love traveling and I was already connecting my passion for travel and my hair and make up career as much as I could with my other destinations that I already been traveled to, like New York, Cape Town or Dubai. So I thought India would also be just a destination that I will spend 2-3 months in, before taking off to the next destination. But work and adventures took over and my career got a huge success here, so I end up extending and extending my stay and leaving and coming back. Now I am already since 1,5 years successfully working in India.

- European and Asian make up styles, obviously, differ from each other. Which culture is closer to you as a make up artist?

- As I am an Armenian but grew up most of my life in Germany, I understand both directions for hair and make up. And yes, they are very different from each other. The European hair and make up look is very basic and clean and minimalistic, concentrated maybe only on one area, like the lips, or the eyes or the skin and kept the rest out of the focus and clean with quite natural hairstyles and an overall very natural look....the Asian hair and make up look is absolutely the opposite of it...very loud with big-big eyes and big-big voluminous hair, focused on eyes, lips, hair and accessories… everything in one picture. They love to underline and enhance their face features and almost 90% of the shoots or jobs I am working on, they always request big volume be honest, I love the clean, natural and also the feminine classy look, so when I work here in India on this more loud looks, I still try to keep it clean and clssy.

-Well, and how did you start working with Bollywood stars?

-The Collaboration with Bollywood happened on its own. I am working here with an agency that is representing me as their international hair and make up artist, so after shooting with some magazines it spread the word, that there is a talented international hair and make up artist in town, and step by step I started to get booked also from Bollywood celebrities. My first Bollywood actresses that I worked on were Parineeti Chopra and Alia Bhatt on the cover for VOGUE magazine:)

- And what about your collaboration with famous Indian actress, model and singer Priyanka Chopra?

- I did the make up for Priyanka Chopra for the cover of Grazia Magazine. She was very in a hurry as always, because she is super tight with her schedule and is constant running from one appointment to the next one. She was quite nice though.

Recently you did a make up for Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai. How it was to work with the world known beauty?

-The collaboration with Aishwarya was wonderful. I was a little nerveous, cause I had never worked with her before and she is and will always be the one and only Aishwarya Rai....I was very surprised how kind and lovely she was. She was so polite and was asking me constantly, if I want anything to eat or drink. She was trying to help me out by holding some of my equipment for me or other things to make my work easier and she was very-very lovely in the way how she was speaking to me and introducing me to her husband and friend etc. (I was doing her hair and make up in one of her residences). It was very easy and pleasant to work with her and I am honored, that she was appreciating my work.

- People like to discuss  Aishwarya’s look in different forums spreading rumors that she is not that beautiful without make up, or that her eye color is fake... So, as an artist, who has personally worked on her face, what can you say about all these gossips?

- Aishwarya is still one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. And she is just as beautiful as she is without any hair and make up. Because she is so fair. Her skin is so porcelain white, you can slightly see her veins around her eyes, so she actually only needs a little bit of concealer to cover them up, otherwise she is just flawless. And I can 100% guarantee, that her eye color is her original eye color. She is not wearing any contacts.

- Marianna, what about Hollywood celebrities? Who you would like to work with?

- From the Hollywood celebrities I would love to do the hair and make up on Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger or Kim Kardashian...

- So far, which is the work/collaboration you are mostly proud for?

- It’s difficult to say, as I am working on so many different collaborations, from magazines, to TV Commercials, to Celebrities etc. And in each area I am proud of being able to work on them, but I think I’m mostly proud for the collaboration with Aishwarya Rai.

- It’s known that your sister’s, Iveta Mukuchyan’s hair and make up are very often done by you. Which Armenian celebrities you would also like to work with?

-Unfortunately, my sister and me are most of the time apart from each other, living in different spots of this world, so there for I am not able to support her always with my hair and make up, but every time when we get together, we are trying to set up a shooting, so I can finally work on my sister as well. I am unfortunately not that familiar with Armenian female celebrities to name you others...

- Anyhow, what can you say about the styles of Armenian female celebrities?

-I like that when it is kept feminine and classy, but I don’t like when it’s over the top and too much. The hair is mostly extremely voluminous and pumped up with hair extensions and tons of hair spray and the eyes are always filled with too much of eye shadow and fake lashes and the lips are overpainted  etc...I would love to see them with less of that...with no eyeliner and just a bronzed make up look and natural hair.

- As a professional make up artist, what would you advice to Armenian girls?

- I would suggest them to try to go with less then with the always made up look. Sometimes just a summer fresh liptint and mascara are the better look, then the black eyeliner and a full maked up face.

I love make up, but it shouldn’t be there to cover you up all the should just enhance your natural beauty.


Syune Arakelyan

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