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Erik Karapetyan’s Open Facebook Letter to UN

19:02, April 15

Famous actor Mkrtich Arzumanyan yesterday posted on his Facebook page an open letter directed to OSCE, where he askes the international organization to say no to the racism implied by Aliyev and stop the aggressions of Azerbaijan. As we’ve already mentioned, some of the Armenian cultural representatives are going to represent such kind of open letters to international organizations. Today Armenian famous singer Erik Karapetyan, posted an open letter to United Nations through his Facebook page. Here what it says:

Dear members of the Unted Nations,

My name is Erik. I am Armenian.

I want to share my concerns regarding long-lasting conflict between Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan.

As you may know Nagorno Karabakh Republic, also known as Artsakh has never been part of independent Azerbaijan. Both were part of the USSR, and NKR voted for independence and self-determination through a legally valid referendum, in line with local laws. A few weeks later, the USSR dissolved, and only after that independent Azerbaijan came into existence.

For over two decades, the noble Armenian people of Artsakh have been building a peaceful democracy. They should not have to live under a dictatorship.  Indeed, nobody deserves to.

Unfortunately and very sadly, Azerbaijan is currently being ruled by a corrupt, power-hungry dictator who has a track record of human rights violations, including jailing journalists and silencing citizen-activists: Its army is targeting Nagorno-Karabakh Republic homes, schools, and villages, killing children and elderly, mutilating their bodies.  These are war crimes. Independent Artsakh doesn’t need an Azerbaijani dictator. Azerbaijan should stop its crimes, and I ask you to stop Aliyev and say no to racism. #SayNoToRacism #StopAliev


Erik Karapetyan / Singer

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