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Nazeni Hovhannisyan’s Open Letter to United Nations

20:07, April 17

Actress Nazeni Hovhannisyan has also joined Armenian ciltural representatives’ open letters project to international organizations. Her letter is addressed to 7th UNAOC Global Forum.

Honorable Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Dear members of the United Nations,

My name is Nazeni and I am Armenian.

From April 1-5 Azerbaijan violated ceasefire and started military operation bombing Armenian villages and cities in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, killing innocent children, torturing the elderly and mutilating soldiers. This kind of criminal and terroristic regime is going to host the 7th UNAOC Global Forum on Apr. 25-27 in Baku. This is absolutely outrageous! Holding the event in Baku, the United Nations discredits itself completely and irreparably. Instead of bringing the aggressor to senses, the UN serves as a negative diplomatic example to be followed. We have deserved the right to peacefully live on the land historically belonging to our nation. At the very point when you thought politics could not get any dirtier, the United Nations is holding a global forum dedicated to tolerance, human rights, and peaceful coexistence in one of the most corrupt, brutal dictatorships ever: Azerbaijan. In case you forgot: Azerbaijan bestowed the rank of a national hero to Ramil Safarov for axing Gourgen Margaryan, the sleeping Armenian lieutenant. A tiny reminder: both of them were NATO Partnership for Peace for military seminar participants in Budapest back in 2004. The criminal acts of Azerbaijan must strongly be condemned by taking sanctions against Azerbaijani terrorism, aggression and racism. #SayNoToRacism #StopAliyev #UNAOCBaku2016 #BoycottBaku2016


Nazeni Hovhannisyan/ Actress, TV Presenter

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