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Arminka’s Open Letter to Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

19:05, April 18

Armenian cultural representatives continue directing their open letters to the international organizations through their official Facebook pages. Today Armenian singer Arminka has directed her letter to the members of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Here what it says:

«Dear members of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Council of Europe. 

My name is Armine. I am Armenian.

For over 2 decades, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic have been building a peaceful and democratic country, where human rights and rule of law are core values. I have been touring in Arstakh (NKR) since 1994 when the long-lasting war between NKR and Azerbaijan ended. All my artistic life is full of unchangeable memories from Artsakh, an Armenian land, where oldest Armenian churches and castles are.
 But now my heart is breaking as Azerbaijani military is targeting innocent people and bombing homes and schools, killing pupils and elders, mutilating bodies.  These are war crimes. This is completely unacceptable. War is very evil. War is horrible. No child should die on his way to get an education. Innocent people are not at fault and should NOT have to die during wars. 
The Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, a member of the Council of Europe, officially threatened to bombard Stepanakert, the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. I was baffled -- any self-respecting modern nation should NOT make such statements and should be held responsible for this.

Azerbaijan has called for a ceasefire, but its artillery keep firing...

I strongly condemn the aggression, terrorism and racism of Azerbaijani authorities and call the International Community stop them. 
#SayNoToRacism #StopAliyev #UNAOCBaku2016 #BoycottBaku2016

Armine Nahapetyan / Singer»

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