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«Armenia: A Voyage to China»

22:30, October 22

YEREVAN. – Final phase of the shooting of the documentary entitled

«Armenia: A Voyage to China»has wrapped up.In recent weeks, the filming was carried out in the cities situated along the Great Silk Road.      

According to some inscriptions, a

«mysterious man from the West» had spread Christianity in China, and this man is known as Aloupen who, considering the fact that Chinese has no

«r,» could have been an Armenian named Ruben, the film’s director Ruben Gini told STYLE.   

With respect to Stella, in Gini’s words, even though this name is said to be Assyrian, it is more considered to be eastern.   

Also, the documentary’s maker noted that the cross on the Nestorian Stele is similar to those crosses that were found in Armenia at that period.

«I have seen such crosses in the artifacts unearthed in Dvin, which was a large city on the Great Silk Road, [and] which was in active trade with China,» Ruben Gini stressed. 

In his words, according to the translations of some Chinese inscriptions, Peroz—the last son of the last Sassanid king Yezdegerd III—had fled to China together with Armenian ministers during the attack of the Arab Caliphate. And the Chinese emperor had allowed them to live nearby and allocated lands to them.

«We should not be surprised that our forebears knew the roads leading to China much better than the contemporaries. [And] The proof of this could be the anonymous 12th-14th-century Armenian-language map being kept at the Matenadaran [that is, the Armenian capital city Yerevan’s ancient manuscript museum]. 

Mexico, Hong Kong, Harbin, and Kyrgyzstan lie ahead. The latter has a special significance for our project because by visiting India, we heard a unique story whose roots lead from Armenia to China via India,»Ruben Gini informed.

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