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14:26, September 11

Armenian singer KeyOh, who now lives in Berlin, was offered to be the TV host of a brand new German TV show, which will be aired on one of Berlin’s national TV stations. The singer is not allowed to reveal much yet, but she has shared some interesting details with STYLE.

“My manager in Germany was contacted by the national television based in Berlin. They were interested to work with me after they received my portfolio through my management. Knowing that I have history and experience in hosting tv shows on 2 Belgian television channels ( LiveTV and Fiesta TV ) they wanted to give it a try. In the past I worked with Hollywood stars and traveled the world. Now it seems like the history is about to repeat.

They asked me to get my own team together and create my own show with new and fresh ideas about fashion and lifestyle. That's exactly what I did. You will see some celebrities on the show. World models , influencing bloggers , actors, fashion gurus and much more ... But celebrity or not, we are all humans and we are all dealing with almost the same issues when it come to beauty and fashion. I'm working with new people from my now hometown Berlin but also with people I work with for many years now”,-says the singer.

The TV show, which will be hosted by Armenian beauty, is called "BE YOU international. It's about beauty, fashion, hair, make-up and health.

“Together with my team I will show you some hacks, tricks and tips... My program will show how to take care of yourself with more affordable things. We will use lots of home remedies, grandmother’s recipes and make your life easier. It's about everything what most of the woman and some man are dealing with on daily bases. Right now I can't tell you much more about it. But if you watch, you will see how crazy and interesting the show will be.

I'm working with professional beauty experts and they really know what they are doing. My Co-host is an award winning hairdresser, he is very funny and makes sure that the show sparkles little more than usual. He is just so extra ( laughing )”,-adds KeyOh, who thinks that this project will open more opportunities for her job.

“I see it as another opportunity to do what I love. My main focus will always stay my music projects, singing and songwriting. Matter of fact, soon my brand new single "Love or Curse" will be released. Promotion will start next week. I'm super exited. This is my favorite single of myself if I could choose from all my other compositions ( if I may say that ). It's very personal and many people will feel related to what i wrote”.

It’s difficult to say when the show will be on the TV channel, but KeyOh says that it will be aired in 2018.

“Right now we are shooting several episodes in different countries and cities. I can not tell you when exactly it will air. As I said, with the program we will travel the world. Visit the fanciest beauty and hair salons and that will cost us lots of time and hard work.

After it will air on TV, it will also be placed on a YouTube channel. I will keep you updated about that. I'm hosting the show in English but it will be always subtitled in the language of the county where we shoot the episodes. I can't wait for everyone to see it”.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos from KeyOh’s Facebook page

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