"Armenian men are very handsome ". China Moses on her visit to Armenia and concert in Yerevan

14:04, January 9

She is an Energy! You should once be at her concert just to understand what I mean.

Famous American singer, television host and just a beauty-China Moses filled the Armenian stage with her energy on November of 2018. China performed together with State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia making everyone dance and sing with her. STYLE is still under the impressions of the concert. We contacted with China to have an interview on her Armenian adventures, impressions and a lot more!

China, just some months ago we were present at your live concert in Yerevan, and still feel that energy you passed to all of us. How you do it? From where  you gather that energy?

Music is a very powerful medium. And the Armenian State jazz orchestra has a lot of energy coming from them. My voice and body is a prism for that energy and once it passes through me well it is sent into the audience enhanced by my own personality …

Then the audience receives and they give me more energy.

It’s a tantric circle of musical love!

My job is to bring people joy and I take it very seriously. As a vocalist, I know my instrument, the voice, is a mystical gift that I do not take for granted.

The audience really enjoyed you on the stage. What about you? Did you enjoy yourself on Armenian stage?

Oh yes! I couldn’t sleep because of it. So much energy received.

I wasn’t expecting it. I try my best to not expect anything.

How long did you stay in Yerevan? How did you spend your time here?

Only 2 short days.

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to visit the city fully but I did get to do a Ararat brandy tasting and learn a bit more about your country and its culture. I also got the chance to eat at Mayrig with chef Aline sitting in front of me explaining each dish. And I had lunch at Lavash. The first step to understanding a culture is through its food and music.

Can you mention some things that you really liked about Armenia, and things that you didn't like here?

I didn’t stay long enough to form an idea. Everyone I met was beautiful and kind. The grand hotel is gorgeous and on top that Place Charles Aznavour. All I know is that a lot of people were not expecting to see a black woman with an afro walking down the street. It made for awkward humoristic situations.

Have you made any friends from Armenian musicians?

Yes. Artyom Manukyan who I had met 7 years ago in Los Angles with Tigran Hamasyian. I hope that we can record something together. I find he has a unique comprehension of music...  But also the wonderful musicians of the Armenian State Jazz Orchestra! They are my crew now! (smile). Maestro Armen Hysnunts did a wonderful job. And had the band play the music as if it was their own.

I play a lot with French Armenian pianist, Andre Manoukian also.

Your mother, Dee Dee Bridgewater had also performed in Yerevan during Jazz Fest in 2016. Had she told you anything about Armenia before your visit?

All she said is that she had a wonderful time in Yerevan and that the people of the Festival were so kind. She did not go into details because she has always let me have my own experiences.

How did you imagine Yerevan, and did your expectations come true?

I didn’t have any expectations but I was overwhelmed by the kindness and beauty of the people I met. I want to come back and visit the country side… And learn more about the culture.

Can you remember the most important advice your Mother has told you on your career and life.

To trust my intuition, respect the musicians that accompany me and to not be scared to be an independent artist.

You usually represent your own stories on the stage. What inspires you more-the happy moments? Love, or maybe despair and sadness?

Art imitates life, doesn’t it?… My stories are inspired by my life… The voice is a very personal instrument and my music is linked deep to my soul. I share my life stories in hopes that my testimony will touch other souls. You know we are more alike than we are different.

When we visit to another country, we usually take some presents and symbols back home :) Did you take anything from Armenia with you? What was that?

The beautiful scarfs with the Armenian alphabet that the ladies offered me from the festival and some Ararat brandy of course !

Will you return once again in Yerevan?  And when shall we wait for you? :)

2019… But who knows maybe sooner or later… The Armenian men are very handsome (smiles).

Syune Arakelyan

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